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Lebron Foundation

Forming a multi-layered farmhouse experience where every part is designed to create a farm life full of potential in great harmony with natural phenomena, that's what we do and bring together.

If you want more information on how we can assist you, just give us a call, and we are happy to have a chat about all the options. It can be a small project or a bigger farm creation; we are always up for a farm creation and want to assist all these beautiful initiatives.

Building & Restoration

Our goal is to (re)create and restore farmhouses using natural building blocks in the reconstruction of the farmhouse and its outside landscapes.

We work with a skilled team of architects, designers, and artisan craftsmen who restore the beauty of the property using natural materials such as stone, clay, wood, and lime rendering with natural pigmentation. For the landscape, we use beneficial plants and create a living painting on the terrain. Working with natural materials and creating a living space where everything is made of natural elements gives us a space that is healthy to live in.

The process of creating a farmhouse experience

Finding the right place can be challenging in a digital field that is fragmented and distorts the perspective of possibilities. Through our years of experience searching for hidden gems, we have developed a knack for finding them and sharing this with everyone who feels the desire to find and create a place for themselves.


We're witnessing a shift in the way we choose to live our lives, with some embracing a close-to-nature lifestyle for years while others are just rediscovering it. We're all at different points in this journey, and we're passionate about sharing our experiences and assisting others in transitioning to a life close to nature, in a supportive environment. By collaborating on our shared goal of creating an organic farm, we can make this transformation possible together.


Managing our assets and property properly is important to keep enjoying them. We don't have to handle everything ourselves; it's unnecessary. Everyone has their strengths, and managing these strengths is what maintains something at a high level, ensuring it remains enjoyable.

Our services


Playing with the natural building blocks and ingredients that nature offers us, we create an interior design that feels authentic and enjoyable. Every element has a role, and we include only what we need, nothing more. Less is more, but we never settle for less.

We collaborate with various interior designers and architects who excel at creating authentic interior and exterior designs that evoke a genuine farm life atmosphere. They use different natural materials in their designs to achieve a warm and inviting feeling.

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The exterior design and landscape play a significant role in creating the farm, forming a living space with endless options for enjoyment, relaxation, and events. We incorporate outdoor kitchens and terraces with lounge areas where you can chill and embrace farm life amidst the abundance around you.


Our design uses only natural RAW materials, ensuring that your eyes only see nature. Whether it's the plant kingdom we work with or the furniture and constructions, we shape them together into a masterpiece of natural building blocks.

The exterior design team collaborates closely with the architect and the landscaper to ensure coherence between the exterior, the landscape, and the farmhouse architecture. This way, the entire farmhouse design is optimized for maximum enjoyment, relaxation, and hosting various farm events.

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We are forming a productive organic farm with a wild diversity in different layers of plants and trees, including various fruits, flowers, and vegetables, as well as animals who can assist us in maintaining the farm, providing warm pleasure and company, and yielding healthy products like eggs, meat, milk, cheese, and honey.


All these layers of a living farm create a productive organic farm, where everything is connected and intertwined with each other in a healthy ecosystem.


Creating such a landscape is a highly creative process, and we aim to design a farm where everything is well thought out and brings everything together seamlessly.

We collaborate with landscape designers who innerstand how to create a productive organic farm with multiple layers. They know how to ensure that all the plants and trees complement each other and have a deep innerstanding of how the natural world functions.

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The plant and tree kingdom is vast and diverse, and a healthy system is a wild, biodiverse plant setup where all plants play a role. We enjoy playing with the abundance of colors, smells, aromas, and different fruit tastes that change with every season.


Each plant and tree attracts different insects, and the wind flowing through them creates different sounds that form a rhythm.


Your senses are always engaged in the abundance game that the natural phenomena offer us to play with.


When we set up the landscape of an organic farm, we incorporate these options so there is always something to eat, smell, touch, and enjoy watching.

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Property Maintenance & Management

A team that manages itself is a team of entrepreneurs. They know their tasks and take responsibility for them. Running a diverse organic farm stay involves bringing together individuals who can work independently but also function as part of a team. We put together a team that are walk the talkers. We will oversee the management and manage everything for your convenience. 

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The beauty of a highly productive, multi-layered operating organic farm is that you can host many different events and retreats. The farmhouses provide space for experiencing farm life, and the experiences can range from simple to skill-building. Essentially, a farm is like a living university, and with all its different components, the number of events you can organize are endless. That's why we say, "A farm is a limitless movement."

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Listing your property on your own website will result in better revenue and control over your bookings. We can handle the bookings and guest communication for your convenience.

We can also assist in creating a website for you and managing your social media accounts, such as Instagram. Instagram is a great tool to highlight your property, and many people visit Instagram to get a sense of the property's experience.

Depending on your preferences, we can run organic marketing on different platforms and provide digital content and visual storytelling.

Working with rental specialist companies who list only the best and handle the bookings and guest communication for you. We can connect you with impressive booking specialists who have a proven track record and can assist you in renting out your property.

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Organic marketing is similar to organic farming. You plant seeds and nurture the soil to build a strong foundation for the roots. Once this process is complete, the organic message will spread to the outside world.

We assist in this organic marketing approach, creating a digital reflection of the natural world. We envision a future where your story resonates digitally just as it does in reality. It reflects farm life and a stay on a regenerative farm; vibrant, fragrant, and abundant in taste.

Handling your social media accounts like Instagram, your website, and streamlining the storytelling will result in better bookings. We can manage your digital presentation and handle the bookings for you.

The Creations of a Limitless Farmhouse 

Never settle for less in an abundant reality, and we like to play with all the natural elements to form a symphony of creation where you feel at home, where everything is connected and in great harmony with its surroundings.

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