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We selected some impressive organic farm movements that we really like, and it's our goal to share all these healthy examples with you so you can taste and feel how ingredients from the organic farm grow and take these fresh ingredients home. Farm events offer farm-to-table experiences, healthy products, farm experiences, and workshops at the farm. These organic farms show you how an organic farm operates, how they do it, and how the diversity of an organic farm is formed and connected with healthy soil.

The search for a farm event

Above is just a selection we discovered, but there are endless opportunities to experience a real organic farm yourself. Take it in and take it home, all these healthy ingredients and ways how an organic farm operates. Start a farm journey yourself and go back to the original way of life, back to our collective roots where we all belong, in a space designed for pleasure and in a place where everything makes sense. When we learn the skills at a real organic farm and take this home to start the farm life at our own doorstep, we will create a space that gives our life meaning and a place where we feel safe and salvaged.

Learn at an organic farm University

Healhty products

Farmhouse living

The discovery of our healthy ingredients at a real organic farm and walking over the farm gives us an idea of how everything grows, how everything is connected, and how farm life feels. The farmers love to explain how they work, what they do, and want to share their story, so you know how everything works.


See the potential

There is a lot of knowledge to discover and plenty to learn at an organic farm. Most farms offer workshops to explain their methods. Essentially, all organic farms are like universities, and when we absorb this knowledge, we can create our own healthy soil so our food grows abundantly like on these organic farms. Just learn from the farm masters and take it home.

Events for enjoy the farm life

Together in good company

When all the ingredients for a healthy meal grow abundantly around you in an inspiring place, you know that organizing a farm event & retreats is the way to have an awesome time together. In good company, with timeless music from musicians, we can come together, have some fun, taste the farm, and drink the farm.


Farm life forever is the way to go, and a farm event or retreat is a good way to start this farm life journey together.

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