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By Sjoerd Alblas & Monique Kraan

As a former property manager, architecture photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, website builder, short-term rental market specialist, real estate developer, farmer and landscape designer, we assist in the creation of tailor-made Farmhouses. Investing, developing, and managing independent farmhouses together with The Great Potential Unlockers.

We're addicted to potential & can't resist ourselves to unlock it.

Here are some projects that we managed and created with a team of artisans and specialists. Over the years, across various projects, we've brought together teams who worked together as independent entrepreneurs.

What we learned 

During our time in property management, we worked with many different homeowners, each with a unique vision for their property and its potential. Many of them were firmly stuck in their ideas, resistant to change or considering alternative perspectives. This fixed mindset often led to feeling stuck and making no progress.


It's crucial for homeowners, both current and prospective, to remain open-minded and avoid restricting themselves. An open mindset paves the way for new opportunities that can benefit not only themselves but also others.

Paradime shift

Many individuals tend to focus solely on immediate costs and fail to see the broader perspective, to see beyond immediate gains. However, shifting this mindset can reveal a world of limitless possibilities. It allows us to explore and recognize value, both in the short and long term.


Our strength lies in broadening this perspective of unlimited potential and implementing feasible concepts that add value to our lives and those of others. Through this approach, we create spaces that are not just comfortable but also enriching in every aspect. This represents the wealth transfer we aim for, and we encourage others to embrace and apply it in their own lives.

Our roles and how we evolved

Property Manager

Provence - Côte d'Azur

For four years, we managed over twelve properties in Provence - Côte d'Azur, being involved in all aspects of property management. During this time, we gained insights into how the hospitality market operates and its potential, with many individuals contributing to its success. 

We innerstand that managing a property is similar to running a small business, and having an effective team is crucial for achieving positive outcomes. 

Our team comprised local specialists whom we collaborated with closely. Over the years, we built strong relationships with these craftsmen and specialists, enabling us to accomplish tasks effectively.

Architectural photographer

Tuscany - Umbria

When we worked as architecture photographers and documentary makers in the hospitality industry, we encountered many beautiful and impressive architectural designs and met owners with unique stories about their properties. It was a wonderful experience where we met many friendly people. We also learned that providing visual content was crucial for showcasing a property effectively online, as well as how the visuals were presented in the digital realm.

Which social media platforms do you use? Do you have your own website, or do you list your property on a rental marketplace? We explored all the different options and advised our clients on how to present themselves on these various platforms.

Landscaper & Farmer

France - Spain - Italy

In our role as property managers and photographers, we always encouraged owners to turn their gardens into food production gardens for themselves. We provided advice on various options and created many different landscape designs for them over the years. Landscape design and creating organic vegetable gardens were consistent themes in our work.


When we moved to Ibiza, we founded "Crazy Farmers Ibiza" and became involved in designing organic vegetable gardens, landscapes, and garden maintenance.

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