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A selection of land, properties, or ruins for sale, awaiting a new owner. They are curated by us with a focus on the great potential for farm life and are at least 1 hectare (2.5 acres). We can assist in the whole process, from buying to completion. We create a team of specialists and craftsmen who design and create the interior, exterior, and landscape spaces, and we create a roadmap for transitioning to a fully operational organic farm and farm stay. This organic farm creation can organize many different events, retreats, and stay experiences where we feel at home and at a place that makes sense, and where our senses are in the right place to experience everything.

The search for the place

Above is just a selection we discovered, but there are endless opportunities to hunt for the right fit for what you want. Just give us an idea of where you want to end up, and we will look in the highly fragmented digital reality to search for the right property, check them out and will make a selection for you. Land surveying and looking for the right opportunity for the great farm (re)creation.

The process

Online searching

Farmhouse hunting

First, we go online and dive into all the different websites and social media platforms to see what's out there in the highly fragmented digital reality. It's a big fragmented world, and we'll hunt for the best out of this digital mess.

Checking out

See the potential

When we have selected some properties online that made the bucket list, we're going to check them out and see what's possible and the state of the architecture and landscape. We check if the property is in the right place, with natural sounds and good company of nice neighbours and feel if the great farm experience is possible there.

Make a list

Visual content

Good visual content with drone shots tells the whole story. When we check the property and know what's possible, we make a list with visual storytelling and a roadmap of what the transition to a real organic farmhouse will do to this property, so everyone has an idea of what's possible.

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