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How we work

Let’s delve into the boundless potential of what is possible together

We begin with a connection about your aspirations and the extent to which you wish to pursue this organic farm experience mission. Through this conversation, we explore the possibilities and determine the direction you envision. We will offer guidance on various options and illustrate the significant potential that a living farm can offer for you and your family. Whether it's enhancing an existing creation or embarking on a journey from scratch, our primary goal together should be to create something impactful and tangible, something real, visible, edible, divisible, and touchable.

Defining Roles

Depending on your aspirations as a future or current property owner, we define our respective roles and where you seek our assistance. Once we have established a clear view of the creation, we will outline a roadmap detailing how we can develop these living organic farmhouses and divide responsibilities.


Our primary goal is to make everything achievable. However, we do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we collaborate to identify opportunities for this tailor-made experience and form a cohesive team to execute tasks effectively.


We zoom out and see the bigger picture

In our experience as property managers, architectural photographers, and creators of farmhouses, organic gardens, and landscapes, we've witnessed the challenges many owners and investors face in effectively managing their wealth and properties or maximizing their returns on investing. Often, they lack the necessary knowledge to see the broader perspective, which can limit their opportunities and hinder their success.

This trend is evident in both short and long-term rental markets, where it seems that few can meet their own needs or satisfy guests' desires. It's crucial for us to be honest with ourselves and each other recognize the enormous market opportunity ahead and step into endless options with a clear view of what is possible.


Together, we can embrace a mindset focused on long-term success and win-win for all involved. Our physical reality, which we all share, should also reap the rewards of our endeavours since we use space in this physical reality for our experiences. It should create abundance for all life in this physical reality; otherwise, what’s the point of the creation anyway? That's the beauty of the regenerative movement, especially an organic farm stay, it's a dance of harmony and a holistic approach. 

Define Wealth

What is wealth? Is it a number, or is it an experience? What constitutes value, and which values are truly valuable? With the Lebron Foundation, we redefine the concepts and perception of value and wealth, offering a fresh and distinctive approach compared to the majority's perception.


We refuse to replicate failed systems or contribute to new forms of oppression or environmental degradation. Instead, we aim to be part of a revolution in the rediscovery and redefinition of wealth and value, establishing a new paradigm and principles to achieve this objective.


We stand at the threshold of an age that has many crossroads, and it's up to us where and how the future is going to unfold. The rebels and revolutionaries were always the ones who changed the narrative and status quo, setting something in motion that was not innerstood by many. Nevertheless, they kept on pushing the matter and continued to do what they felt was the best way of life. Not hindered by the opinions of others and with minds of their own, they change the future for the best.

Calvin Russell - Crossroads
This song embodies what we do, and we like the way he shares our collective journey through which we all go.

In honor of Calvin Russell and his legacy.

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