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Days at La Granja start early, when the gardens hang in mist and the cool dawn air fills with birdsong and the chirping of insects. Soon the farmers arrive. They feed the chickens and a fat brown Iberian hog named Coco. As the sun rises over the pinewoods and aromatic fruit trees of Ibiza’s wild north, the farmers begin to harvest the crops that will wind up in La Granja’s kitchen, where morning preparations are already underway.

Since opening five years ago, La Granja, a 10-hectare biodynamic farmstead anchored by an 18th-century stone house, has become a polestar for a new and growing movement on the Balearic island. Nodding to Ibiza’s authentic hippie heritage and locally rooted vision of a greener, slower future, today’s La Granja is a laid-back agroturismo project that also functions as a platform for discourse on farming, sustainability and our relationship with the food we eat.

But the best way to understand La Granja is to begin, quite literally, at the roots. We followed a selection of crops as they made their way from soil to sustenance in a highly sustainable, zero-waste process presented by the farmers, cooks, critters and creative minds who make the farm what it is today.

Son Blanc is an open invitation to connect with nature, to reconnect with one’s own essence, to share moments with good company and experience a varied programme of activities curated to unite. We invite guests to leave behind preconceived ideas of a luxury hotel and embrace meaningful, authentic experiences and deeper human connection.


The exploration of ideas is inspired through regular social dinners. Occasionally held parties are part of the experience.


Design Concept Architects, artisans and engineers have come together to painstakingly renovate and convert what was left of the 19th century abandoned farm and give it new purpose and structure. Not only integrating it with its natural surroundings, the construction was carried out to limit its environmental impact with the use of local and natural materials every step of the way.

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An ancient estate combining wild Umbrian countryside with effortless Italian style.

Explore 1500 hectares of pristine wilderness, protected, restored and brought back to thrilling life by a dynamic family.


8 spectacular ancient farmhouses are available to rent, dotted across Reschio's rolling hills, each thoughtfully restored by Count Benedikt Bolza and his talented team. The farmhouses with their gardens, swimming pools and landscape create a private sanctuary for you, your family and friends.


A thousand-year-old castle meticulously restored and stylishly reimagined into a dazzling hotel. An organic approach to design, creating beautiful rooms filled with comfort and wit, while artfully and subtly referencing the fascinating characters who once lived here.

Farm to Table

At Reschio, we take our ingredients very seriously: foraging for seasonal flavours on the Estate and growing much of what the chef serves in both restaurants.

We are Ibiza’s largest certified organic farm, a unique paradise where all the magical elements of the island come together in over 56 breathtaking hectares of stunning Mediterranean countryside. Nestled in the hinterlands of Santa Eulalia, we grow a wide variety of biodynamic vegetables, fruit, herbs, edible flowers and free range eggs. Visit the farm to see how we grow and collect one of our 100% organic seasonal farm boxes fresh from the fields and ready for your table. Here at Terra Masia, we also offer the perfect setting for farm to-table dinners, educational field trips, workshops, corporate events and social occasions. Capturing your heart the moment you arrive, every step at Terra Masia will take your breath away.

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