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Our role

Creating a healthy return on your investing

Many different revenue streams offer the potential for a well-flowing system of income. We named the farmhouse creation a ''limitless movement'', highlighting the beauty of creating an organic regenerative Farm Stay and the numerous possibilities to expand your revenue streams. At the Lebron Foundation, we innerstand the boundless potential of organic regenerative Farm Stay creations. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process, from deciding in which country to buy land, to the way of developing the farm, and even offer marketing support to maximize the Farm Stay success. Whether you seek guidance on a specific aspect or require end-to-end support, our tailor-made options are there to assist you in every step along the way. 

Defining who we are

In restoring and building a farmhouse and organic gardens, you need a team of experts - an architect, an interior and exterior designer, a landscape designer, and skilled workers who translate the designs into a functional reality. Overseeing all these diverse layers is crucial for visualizing potential and materializing a vision from the ground up. Experience is key in developing this oversight; the more experienced you are, the more skilled you become at managing the process. 


Seamless collaboration

We've observed a disconnect in collaboration, not only between owners and the team but also among the experts themselves. Each party tends to focus solely on their specific expertise, leading to a fragmented approach that often results in unattractive architecture and inadequately designed Stays. Our goal is to bridge this gap by facilitating seamless collaboration across all involved parties to avoid unnecessary delays and costs, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious end result.

Expert oversight
With years of hands-on experience managing organic regenerative farms, landscapes, and farm stays, we serve as experienced oversight experts, seamlessly integrating every aspect of construction for a cohesive result. We innerstand how each element contributes to the overall harmony, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly.

Our role as the Lebron Foundation

Our goal is to create independent farmhouses to enjoy and Stay, where you are in harmony with nature. It can potentially be marketed for the short and long-term rental market as an inspirational experience for families or groups of individuals.

The farmhouse university

Operated by a team of farmers and chefs, these independent organic regenerative farmhouses can function as educational hubs. We assist in establishing them as universities for experiencing and enjoying farmhouse living, spreading awareness organically.

Organising events

With this initiative, we can assist in hosting events where various individuals involved in the project benefit, as it is an independent organic regenerative farm with a team on-site, all of whom are entrepreneurs. We do not endorse working with employees; instead, we advise collaborating with entrepreneurs, each managing their own businesses within these organic farms. 

Manager of one
This fosters an atmosphere where everyone operates their own business, minds their own business, and is in charge of their own business. Through this approach, we break away from the traditional model and create authentic, unique experiences with each organic regenerative farm we establish through the Lebron Foundation in collaboration with the owner. 

Design & Creation Team

We can set up the creation from the foundation to the top of the organic regenerative farm and establish an independent infrastructure from which the farm offers its experiences.

We collaborate with independent entrepreneurs who design the interior, and exterior of the farmhouses and the landscapes, while construction teams build these original farmhouses with their multi-layered landscapes for food production.

Property Manager

We separate from the traditional model where rental companies oversee bookings and take a large portion of the rental income. Instead, we operate that the owner or property manager, who is intimately familiar with the farm and the farmhouse, serves as the main point of contact for guests and manages all bookings via the independent farmhouse booking website.


We can assemble a team to manage these organic farms as independent entrepreneurs and we assist in marketing them for short and long-term rentals through an independent website and our digital infrastructure, as independent farm experiences. We promote them as an experience of farm life and a university where guests can immerse themselves in the harmony of small organic farm living.

The Lebron Foundation Digital Infrastructure

Our website consolidates all these independent farmhouses, making it convenient for guests to locate them. While our website displays all options, it's the owner or property manager who handles bookings and serves as the contact person. 


We can handle their marketing efforts, using authentic storytelling and social media, but each farmhouse maintains its own website and social media presence as an independent entity. Our digital platform simply serves as a hub for discovering these independent farmhouses more efficiently.

Value transition

We charge a monthly fee for facilitating the marketing and presentation of these independent farms on our website.


We don't believe subscription-based business models suit the diversity of these independent farmhouses, so we will establish our own wealth & value-sharing methods. This way, we can distribute the value we all create together while each of us focuses on our own business.

Our assisting roles

Whatever the state is of your wish, we will find a way to assist in this farmhouse movement initiative. We can only be an adviser or someone to brainstorm with, so we can explore the potentials together and from that point of view and from there you set it all up yourself. 

Or you want us to set it all up and start from scratch. Depending on your wish we will explore the directions together.

Let’s have a talk
For just a talk about the potentials and where to go from here, you can drop a line and we will explore the potential together. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel all by ourselves and can learn from what others have already done for many years.

Creating a tailor-made farmhouse movement
We can also work out a roadmap and start with exploring the right property somewhere in the world where you want to start a farmhouse experience. We deliver a list with suitable options of potential and when you make the decision, we can form a roadmap for the creation and what building team is the right fit for your creation.

We work with the best craftsmen, interior and exterior designers and architects who are entrepreneurs and walk the talk, so the creation with all the different elements is always in good hands with skilled craftsmen.

After completion of the farmhouse and the landscape, we can create impactful storytelling and get it in the market. We can manage all these different parts all together, so it can be a hassle-free investing experience for you, depending on your wishes.

The bottom line is, whatever you want, we are looking for a way to form an experience that is tailor-made and unique in every creation. But most of all we form a creation that is way ahead of the curve to be a great example of how we can return to our roots and return to a life that makes sense. And since this awareness is stronger than ever by many individuals in this global awakening time, we want to be and assist in the global revolution experience, that has it all.

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