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One Hectare Mindset

Updated: Mar 27

How can we reinvent ownership and how do we own everything again and build a Movement of ownership so we are free and live a life in the great unconditional way of life once again?

‘’Great design simplifies a really complicated world’’ The one-hectare Organic Farmhouse Movement  Having one hectare or more to live and thrive on, whether as a family or an individual, is our fundamental right in this physical reality.

The fact that this basic right is distorted and controlled by conditional systems (Governments) is the greatest challenge we face in this physical reality.  The worldwide problem we must acknowledge and stop trivializing:

There needs to be public awareness that no one has the right to control or tax fundamental individual rights, like owning property.

It's unjust for anyone to manipulate the global population into a system of paying for their own property through coercion or deception.

All property taxes are illegal, and any form of taxation on property owners should be abolished completely.

If someone tries to infringe upon this right, it's an act of terrorism, and we must unite to protect each other from such threats.

Now, let's shift our focus to the global solution for everyone:

Embrace the "One Hectare Mindset."

Suppose we own a piece of land, one hectare or larger, in this physical reality, and turn it into a natural habitat with diverse biodiversity. In that case, we have the means to sustain ourselves and healthy, flavorful produce but also long-term sustainability and resilience. By creating various interconnected ecosystems, we can establish a broad array of solutions that promote abundance for ourselves and all life on Earth.

The Natural Phenomena as our Canvas

Imagine our world as a living painting, where the natural plant kingdom serves as our paintbrush. By planting a diverse range of at least 300 plant varieties – including trees, flowers, herbs, and fruits – we create a vibrant canvas bursting with biodiversity. Each season brings new colors, scents, and sounds, providing an immersive experience of nature's depth.

Harmonizing with this abundance of diversity will restore our physical reality to its original, natural, and unconditional state, reconnecting us to the great original source code of existence.

Architecture and The Grand Tartaria History as an example

Nature offers the finest materials for construction, providing an abundance of beautiful building ingredients to create spaces for living, being, and experiencing life with peace of mind.

RAW Natural Building Blocks

Raw natural building materials sourced directly from our planet are abundant. By combining these diverse ingredients, we can create structures that endure for generations, much like the architecture of Grand Tartaria shows us. This approach eliminates the need for constant repairs or maintenance and ensures that the living space is both enjoyable and well-designed from the start.

The Foundation

The foundation of this design process is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a living space that harmonizes beautifully with its surroundings.

What if we embrace designs made from raw natural materials that offer:

  • Long-term durability, lasting for centuries

  • Beautiful and carefully planned designs

  • Ease of use and genuine pleasure

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Products with a holistic business model, supporting artisans and ending exploitation

  • Embracing simplicity and avoiding unnecessary products

  • Developing a refined taste and exploring abundant options for materials, designs, and landscaping to create visually stunning spaces

Overcoming conditional systems with individual, unconditional systems

This approach allows us to heal the landscape, one hectare at a time, while also nurturing ourselves and each other. By breaking free from dependency on external sources, we become self-sufficient in every aspect and can create spaces that reflect our preferences.

Value, value exchange, and being valuable

The Lebron Foundation serves as a pathway to secure value and invest in physical farmhouses that enhance a location, encompassing various other events under its umbrella.

By employing the miraculous mathematics of love's power towards others and producing tangible elements within this physical reality elements one can see, touch, smell, and reminisce about, while others can also experience and share in their value this place becomes invaluable. Here, your identity and worth transcend mere numbers.

It represents the Eternal Ring, a formula embodying the magic of reflection and possessing a comprehensive master plan.

It epitomizes the concept of Return on Investing (ROI): tangible, visible, edible, divisible, and touchable.

If you start reading this book series, you will discover the challenges we face as a collective. It's essential to differentiate between the conditional layers within ourselves and outside ourselves, and the unconditional layers within ourselves and outside ourselves.

Rediscover who you really are

The author of this book series, Vladimir Megre, put the words on paper. However, because he himself was still firmly entrenched in the delusional conditional Monkey Mindset, this book series is unnecessarily contaminated with about 80% conditional layers.

He had promised to rewrite this book series and remove those layers, but so far, he has neglected to do so. Therefore, at this moment, this process is not yet set in motion as a movement that makes everything possible and returns everything to the original, to The Great Source code, again.

You will discover more about this when you discover the great lie in everything. It is our responsibility to reveal the lie and live the truth.

This process is happening 'as we speak' and will continue to accelerate in the coming time, allowing us to make choices anew.

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