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Open all potential

We show a way forward that is easy and it's crazy that this easy way isn't seen by the majority 

Breaking out of the conditional way of life is to stop complying with the insanity of all the governments and create something awesome.


We have to admit that we were born in a complete slavery system of a rigged game that we can literally call ''The Hunger Games''

To step out of these delusional ways of life is liberating, and the more we set something in motion that is exactly how we want it and is a roadmap to prosperity, we break free of this crazy life we came from.

Creating a living farm and sharing it with others is a roadmap of the potential of showing how we can live a life of our own and have a mind of our own.

The Lebron Foundation is a roadmap out of hell and into a paradise of potential in this physical reality, and we can do this together and live a healthy life outside of this huge rigged game of life, of the conditional way of life.

An awesome Playlist ''Breaking the Mindfucks'' on Spotify just for the fun of it and also show you how many artists already told us in all these songs to step out of the lunatic hypnoses of the conditional way of life. 

People don't wantto hear the truthbecause they don'twant their illusionsdestroyed

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