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When money becomes the creation, the creation itself will be the victim

The Financial Reality:

Truth | Value | Valuable | Value Transition

Ultimately, it is the word "value" that holds significance in every aspect of our lives. Only when value is seen, acknowledged, and respected again, we rediscover the value of everything within ourselves and others. In doing so, we break the cycle of decline, which inherently arises from not treating ourselves and others as valuable.


"Everything is a Numbers Game"

History | 1634 - 1637 
The Tulip Mania


Tulip mania was a period during the Dutch Golden Age when contract prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels. The major acceleration started in 1634 and then dramatically collapsed in February 1637.


Repeat? | 2007 - 2024
The Money Mania of 2024 and Beyond


At least in the Tulip Mania of the past, they had tangible tulips to use. Now, we're engulfed in a mania fueled by lunatic governments with their tax scams, unstable FIAT currency, a rigged stock market, and the Babylonian cryptocurrency.

There's no assurance that this artificial financial reality will sustain its potential, or if it'll dissolve into nothingness, as it's essentially built upon numbers connected to nothing, fabricated during the value mania we find ourselves in.

The end & The start | Today & Beyond
A Rigged Game of Black Magic and a scam of different manipulations


The potential of everything is only safe when we extract our value out of these enormous black holes attracting value and wealth and suck it all up, waste it, hold it there to do nothing or let it evaporate.

The natural realm as our teacher

The art of being liquid is the art of knowing what the natural phenomenon is teaching us as a never-ending flow and natural movement. When we copy-paste this as a mirror into our life and in this physical reality, securing our value, wealth and value exchange, we can experience harmony with ourselves and others, creating spectacular next-level experiences together and fostering profound win-win connections.

The choice is yours where you invest your values and wealth in

Value, value exchange and being valuable

The Lebron Foundation serves as a pathway to secure value and invest in physical farmhouses that enhance a location, encompassing various other events under its umbrella.

By employing the miraculous mathematics of love's power towards others and producing tangible elements within this physical reality elements one can see, touch, smell, and reminisce about, while others can also experience and share in their value this place becomes invaluable. Here, your identity and wealth transcend mere numbers.

It represents the Eternal Ring, a formula embodying the magic of reflection and possessing a comprehensive master plan.

It epitomizes the concept of Return on Investing (ROI): tangible, visible, edible, divisible, and touchable.


A farmhouseis the creationof a limitlessMovement

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