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What we are

The core mission of the Lebron Foundation revolves around establishing organic regenerative farms, crafting diverse farm landscapes, and designing the farmhouse interior and exterior living spaces.


We facilitate farmhouse experiences with farm-to-table events where all ingredients come from the farm itself all year long. These tailor-made farmhouses are to enjoy and experience so everyone can feel how a real organic farm operates.


We offer locations for purchase and assist in creating organic farms. We also provide a list of organic farm stays where you can experience farm life firsthand.

Finding real authentic places can be challenging in a fragmented digital world full of fakeness and complexity. We offer a roadmap to reality and assist in the organic regenerative farm creations. We are the curators of a life that makes sense and assists along the way in this physical reality and invite you back to our collective roots and nature.

What we do

The (re)creation of a farm

We are a tailor-made farmhouse creator and assist from the foundation till completion, and we don't stop when it's finished. We work with many different skilled professionals and assist in the whole (re)creation of a real organic farm. The interior and exterior design, the landscape, and organic gardens for food production, we assist in all these different parts and bring everything together.


After the completion of the organic farm creation, we facilitate the marketing for your convenience, so the investing experience will create endless win-win events. We call it a "Limitless Movement," and we know that with every year that passes, this creation will create more value over time, so this creation becomes an invaluable experience.

Survey and land potential

Where to find a property in a highly fragmented digital reality and what is the best fit for these farms (re)creation? We show some impressive properties that we find highly potential and we can assist in the survey and make a list of properties for your convenience, so you can choose out of the best ones that are on the market to invest in and make it your home.

Short & long term

Staying on an organic farm for a short or long term and experiencing how it is to be in a place where your food grows in abundance around you with all the different ingredients. That's what we bring together: a real organic farm experience to take in and take home as a new way of life to create for yourself.

Value, value exchange and being valuable

The Lebron Foundation serves as a pathway to secure value and invest in physical farmhouses that enhance a location, encompassing various other events under its umbrella.

By employing the miraculous mathematics of love's power towards others and producing tangible elements within this physical reality elements one can see, touch, smell, and reminisce about, while others can also experience and share in their value this place becomes invaluable. Here, your identity and wealth transcend mere numbers.

It represents the Eternal Ring, a formula embodying the magic of reflection and possessing a comprehensive master plan.

It epitomizes the concept of Return on Investing (ROI): Tangible, Visible, Edible, Divisible, and Touchable.


Empires of the Sun

Organic farms to Stay, Buy, Restore & Create. Farm-to-table experiences that allow you to connect with nature & enjoy the pleasures of farm life.
A Limitless Movement

Inspiration, potential and value flowing physical power portals

We stand at the threshold of an age filled with many crossroads, and it’s up to us to decide where and how the future unfolds. The rebels and revolutionaries have always been the ones who changed the narrative and challenged the status quo, setting something in motion that was not innerstood by many. Nevertheless, they persisted, driven by their convictions and a vision for a healthier future. Unhindered by the opinions of others and guided by their own minds, they change the future for the better.

An organic regenerative farmhouse creation

Whatever the purpose of this creation is, we assist in the creation of this multi-layer farm where we design the interior, exterior spaces, and create the landscapes and build up the soil structure and plant as many plants and trees as possible to create a landscape that is healthy, diverse and productive.

A place called home

This farmhouse can be a place to live for yourself or a second home you want to have somewhere in another part of the world. 

A place to share

It can be a place that you want to invest in and share with others as an inspirational place in the short and long-term rental market.

A place to build for others
It can be a place to invest in as an inspiration for others, and after this creation is finished, sell it so this valuable place can be experienced by individuals who have the desire to step into a designed place that is ready to move in. 

Creating a Healthy University
This regenerative organic farm is basically a university and can be experienced by many individuals to live on a healthy regenerative organic farm and take this experience home.

Whatever your wish and desire is and whatever starting point you are at, we want to be part of this creation and assist in these healthy regenerative organic farm experience creation.


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